Glasgow Evangelical Church

Our Leadership
Church leaders are not to be dictatorial, or super-stars, but servants helping others to be successful in the work of ministry and in attaining maturity in Christ. (Ephesians 4:11-13) Volunteers in the church are empowered and given freedom within the beliefs, values, purpose, and mission of the church to perform their God-given functions in the body of Christ.

Our leadership consists of the following:
Western Conference Superintendent – Steve Strutz (office in Billings)
Pastor – Seth Runner
Director of Student Ministries – Bryon Gustafson
Child & Family Ministries - Terri Johnson
Office Manager/Coordinator - Mary Campbell

The Church Council is the ministry developing and decision-making body of the church – elected by the church body, or automatically members by virtue of their office or ministry position. Members at large from the congregation are recommended by the pastor and voted on by the council. Present council members are: Seth Runner (Pastor); Bryon Gustafson (Director of Student ministries); Terri Johnson (Children/Family Ministries); Karen Wall (treasurer); Judy Hueth (women’s group); Maury Graham (representative to annual conference); Richard Wiens (pastor-parish committee chairman); Harvey Wall (trustee president); Amy Fast, Karla Zerbe, Storm Huse, Caleb Olfert and Dain Christianson (5 members-at-large from the congregation)

Trustees are responsible for all areas having to do with legal ownership, insurance, and upkeep of all church properties. (3 year terms) Present trustees are: Harvey Wall (president), Darin McMurry (secretary), Mike Guttenburg, James Meland (vice president), Tony Fast, Terry Archambeault, Sam Waters.

Pastor-Parish Committee – Recommends to the council matters having to do with the life and well-being of the pastoral staff. (includes salaries, vacation time, personal concerns, assisting in problem solving of conflict issues) The committee also nominates persons for various ministry positions in the church to be elected by the congregation at an annual meeting. Present members are Richard Wiens (chairman), Tom Stathos, Pam Lee, Kris Simensen, Terry Archambeault, Joe Greenough.

Various Needs -
Treasurer Consultant - Dan Green
Head Co-Ushers - Galen Zerbe and Terry Archambeault
Communion Stewards - Linda Stathos and Allie Greenough
Media Dept. Coordinator - Seth Runner
Choir Director - Becky Johnson
Budget Committee - Dan Green, Galen Zerbe, Jody Faul, Kris Simensen and Karen Wall
Facilities Use Coordinator - Mary Campbell
Special Music - Joyce Miller