Glasgow Evangelical Church

Our History
The Evangelical Church has its roots back in the latter 1700’s and early 1800’s. Church leaders from different traditions, Reformed, Mennonite, Lutheran, and Methodist, came together because they discovered a common bond in their preaching of the gospel of Jesus. Eventually, these congregations joined together to form the beginnings of the Evangelical Church today.

The different theological backgrounds caused some problems, but they learned to get along together and have an effective church. The present day Evangelical Church formed when there was a merger with the Methodist Church. Many leaders felt that they could not support the theological liberalism in the Methodist church, so they did not merge with them, but stayed separate to keep their beliefs and practices more in line with the Bible’s teachings than what was happening in other churches.

They named themselves “The Evangelical Church of North America”. They believe in having an association of churches because they can pool resources and do more together than separately, for example, owning and running camps, creating a Bible college, starting new churches, and sending missionaries around the world.

The Glasgow church came about in 1957 when Robert and Theo Strutz came to town and started a prayer meeting in their home with 16 people. It grew until a building was constructed in 1958. Years later, the church built a larger facility next to the high school, and then a few years later, an addition with an auditorium and gymnasium was added to accommodate the growing numbers; and with the thought of having a facility we could share with the Glasgow community to help meet some of their needs.

As in the beginning, prayer and trusting God was involved in each forward step taken. When the new worship auditorium was dedicated in 2006, the members of the congregation placed their written prayers on the altar and they are now in a safe place under the building with the expectation of God’s blessings.