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Wedding Guidelines
Wedding Guidelines

In an effort to assist you in making your event run as smoothly as possible, the Board of Trustees at Glasgow Evangelical Church has appointed a Facility Coordinator. The Facility Use Coordinator is available to help you in any way possible.

After your event has been approved and you have returned your Facility Use Form to the church office, the coordinator will receive a copy. Following that, they will communicate with you to determine the needs for your event and then coordinate all “set-up” requests with our custodian.

In addition to providing a coordinator to assist with your event, we have also developed some “House Rules”, designed to help all of us take better care of this facility God has entrusted to us.

1. There is NO tobacco, drug or alcohol use allowed in the building or on outside property. We ask that your event not include a dance.

2. Duration and Time of events:
All events should end before 10:00 p.m. to assist in clean up & lock up. Allow yourself adequate time to return all areas to original condition. All events on Sundays will be scheduled after 1pm.

3. Equipment Use:
The use of all church owned equipment must be specifically requested (i.e. tables, chairs, props for drama, music items, wedding items, furniture, etc.). ONLY items previously requested may be used. If moved, please return items to original place.

4. Sound System:
We require that our own trained soundboard operators perform the sound equipment duties in the sound room.

5. Kitchen Use:
Any consumable items used from the kitchen must be replaced (i.e. coffee, sugar, creamer, etc.) We prefer that you bring your own food. If tablecloths are used, they must be washed or dry-cleaned & returned to church. Dishtowels used should be left for kitchen committee to launder. Please wash all dishes, coffee pots, pots & pans, flatware & anything else used and return to proper place. We appreciate your leaving the kitchen clean and in order.

6. Decorating Sanctuary & Fellowship Hall:
Decorating will be allowed one day before your event providing there is no event scheduled before yours. All arrival times for decorating must be approved with the church office manager. Please call 228-2755, or email at

7. Use of Nursery:
The Facility Use Coordinator should be notified if you need to use the nursery for your event. They will check scheduling with our Nursery Coordinator. We prefer that you supply your own attendants. They should be either an adult or responsible young person. Attendants need to be with children at all times. Children three and under may play in the nursery. Please provide another room for children four and older if needed.

8. Please make sure that all items that are personally brought in are taken with you at the end of your event. Also remove all food from the refrigerator.

9. After using the Church facility, please leave it better than you found it.

10. An event coordinator will inspect the facility after it is used to determine if the guidelines have been followed. If not, he or she will contact those in charge of the event and proper adjustments will be discussed.

11. The church can provide: tables for serving, table clothes for round tables and long tables, silver service (coffee and tea pots), creamer and sugar holders, glass trays and cups, glass punch bowl, glass pitchers, nut dishes, glass candle holders.


$250 Facility use (usage fee is waived for church members)

Please download the building use application form and either e-mail the completed form or bring it by the church office.
Wedding Facility Usage Fees .pdf

Wedding Facility Usage Fees MS Word