Glasgow Evangelical Church

Guidelines for Funerals
1. If our pastor has the service, the ladies group is willing to serve a snack or meal following the service. The pastor may have a family member call the contact person just to insure information is correct (1st hand) The family does not have to be from our church.
2. The contact person calls group leader with information. They need to know if the event is a meal or snack and the number of people expected to attend. The group’s leaders are responsible for contacting the ladies to provide food, and assistance in serving, set up and clean up.
3. If our pastor does not have the service, but it is in our building, our ladies group will decide on each individual situation if they will provide a meal.
4. We will not ask a set fee or per plate charge for a meal served. However, if the family wants to give a donation to the ladies group, that would be fine.
5. If a pianist or organist or the use of our sound system is needed, the building coordinator should be contacted.
6. Our goal in serving is to minister to the needs of the people, so Christ may be glorified and His love shared.

Ladies Group Contacts: Marge Forum 228-8464 or 263-7783
MaryJo Guttenberg 228-8468