Glasgow Evangelical Church

Gymnasium Guidelines (for individuals and community)
SCHEDULING – Call church office at 228-2755. Monday - Friday 9 am to 1 pm.

(1) Persons with permission. Adult supervision is required for all minors. (for safety and insurance purposes)
(2) Anyone not preapproved needs to call Seth Runner before using the gym.
(3) A schedule of when the gym is being used should be posted in the gym and at the church office. You can call Seth or the church office to find out times it is available for use.

(1) Insured groups must present a certificate to the scheduling person showing coverage.
(2) All uninsured persons must sign the AGREEMENT forms before being able to use the gym.
(teams practicing must present a list of all persons on the team who need to be signed)
(3) All persons using the gym understand that they use it at their own risk and are responsible for any injuries incurred.

(1) Please respect the privilege of using the facility.
*No wild and destructive “horseplay” such as throwing objects against the walls.
*No climbing basket supports or hanging on rims.
*No baseballs or softballs - walls are easily damaged by them.
*No drinks or open liquids on the gym floor without quickly wiping them up.
*Areas of the church outside the gym and restrooms shall be considered off limits.
(2) Bring and use clean sneakers or gym shoes. Check for stones in shoe treads which could mar floor.
(3) Users are responsible for any damages. Please inform the scheduling person.
(4) Please use the designated entrance and parking on the west side of the gym.
(5) Sundays - the doors to the gym will not be opened for access until 12:30 PM.

LEAVING AND CLEAN UP (the goal is to leave the room in better condition than you found it)
(1) If prearranged with the scheduling person, we ask that you dry-mop the floor before leaving. The church will provide the mop.
(2) Please turn out all lights.
(3) Heat shall be kept at 60 degrees or below. Usually this is already preset.
(4) No equipment should be left out after use. Take out what you brought with you.
(5) For volunteers who clean the floor each week: never use water; dry-mop and wet-brush using one oz. cleaning solution per gal. water soaked on towels provided.

DONATIONS are welcome to help cover utilities and maintenance