Glasgow Evangelical Church

Facility Usage Guidelines
Download Facility Use Contract as Adobe pdf file
Thank you for your interest in using Glasgow Evangelical Church for your event. The use of all facilities are open to the church and community for scheduling weddings, funerals, family celebrations, group meetings, concerts, recreations etc. Though it is the goal of the church to allow groups and individuals from the community to use our facility there are a few guidelines that we must ask you to follow.

1. No Group using our facility may present materials in any form that contradict our core beliefs.
First and foremost Glasgow Evangelical Church is a Christ based church. We Believe GOD is Father, Son & Holy Spirit, Creator, Redeemer. JESUS to be Divine, Human, Savior, Lord. The BIBLE is God’s word inspired, the Truth, to be practiced by believers. SALVATION from sin and death to forgiveness and eternal life repentance and faith in Christ Jesus. The Church is God’s people helping one another grow in Christ doing God’s work on earth. Our FUTURE HOPE is Christ Jesus will return to earth to judge the wicked and rescue the righteous, bringing about heaven and new earth for believers.

2. Leave facility in better shape than you found it.
When you arrive to use the facility it is our goal to have it in clean and ready to use condition. It is your responsibility to clean and remove all debris left by attendees of your event. The church has vacuums available for your use. If you so desire you may pay a fee of no less than $50.00 to have facility personnel assist you with this task. The fee is based on the degree of clean up needed.

3. Any items broken or damaged due to improper use while using the facility will be expected to be replaced by the group using the facility.

4. God has blessed us with state of the art technical equipment. If your event needs to use the sound system or video equipment please let us assist you.
For many events, set up time is needed to get equipment ready and rearranged from our normal service set up. We do have experienced sound room technicians that are familiar with our system that are available to help you set up your event. You may wish to commission one of these people to help you. The church office can help you contact someone for this service.

5. Do you need an overseer to help you coordinate your event?
If you are unfamiliar with our building and where items are located, or if you need someone to stand by and direct your guests as to which entrance to use etc. You may want to have someone here to help you assure things run more smoothly. Again, the church office can help you find people willing to come and assist you.

6. A CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE is needed if your event is not a directly related to the church.
You may obtain this attachment to your insurance from your insurance provider. The church cannot be held responsible for the coverage of your event. This includes all groups wishing to use the facilities for sporting events, sports practices and meetings of groups that are not initiated by this church

In an effort to assist you in making your event run as smoothly as possible, the Board of Trustees at Glasgow Evangelical Church has appointed a Facility Coordinator. The Facility Use Coordinator is available to help you in any way possible.

After your event has been approved and you have returned your Facility Use Form to the church office, the coordinator will receive a copy. Following that, they will communicate with you to determine the needs for your event and then coordinate all “set-up” requests with our custodian.

In addition to providing a coordinator to assist with your event, we have also developed some “House Rules”, designed to help all of us take better care of this facility God has entrusted to us.

1. The use of the facility includes non-ministry uses of the Church such as: birthdays, dinners, baby/bridal showers, etc.

2. There is NO tobacco, drug or alcohol use allowed in the building or on outside property. If your event includes a dance, please hold the dance in another facility.

3. Duration and Time of events:
All events should end before 10:00 p.m. to assist in clean up & lock up. Allow yourself adequate time to return all areas to original condition. There will be no events allowed on Sundays until 1:00 p.m.

4. Equipment Use:
The use of all church owned equipment must be specifically requested. (I.e. tables, chairs, props for drama, music items, wedding items, furniture, etc.) ONLY items previously requested may be used. If moved, return items to original place.

5. Sound System:
We require that our own trained soundboard operators perform the sound equipment duties in the sound room. However a CD player & tape player are also available. This is included within the facility fee.

6. Kitchen Use:
Any food items used from the kitchen must be replaced (i.e. coffee, sugar, creamer, etc.) We prefer that you bring your own food. If tablecloths are used, they must be washed or dry-cleaned & returned to church. Dishtowels used should be left for kitchen committee to launder. No kitchen equipment can be removed from the church. Please wash all dishes, coffee pots, pots & pans, flatware & anything else used and return to proper place. We appreciate your leaving the kitchen clean and in order.

7. Decorating Sanctuary & Fellowship Hall:
Decorating for event will not be allowed until a day before your event providing there is not an event before yours. All arrival times for decorating must be approved with the secretary. Please call: 228-2755

8. Use of Nursery:
The Facility Use Coordinator should be notified if you need to use the nursery for your event. They will check scheduling with our Nursery Coordinator. We prefer that you supply your own attendants. They should be either an adult or responsible young person. An attendant needs to be with children at all times. Older children should not be allowed to
play in nursery unattended

9. Please make sure that all items that are personally brought in are taken with you at the end of your event. Any lost and found items will be held for two weeks then disposed of at the church's discretion.

10. After using the Church facility, please leave it better than you found it. You are responsible for clean up unless prior arrangements have been made. The church can provide assistance with clean up at a fee of $25 per hour.

11. An event coordinator will inspect the facility after it is used to determine if the guidelines have been followed. If not, he or she will contact those in charge of the event and proper adjustments will be discussed.


$50 Facility use (for church members this fee is waived)